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How to stop your dog whining and crying especially at night?

Did your puppy makes you difficult to have good night sleep? If you have one of your best friend the answer will be definitely yes. But there are many things you can do to handle this problem. The only thing required by the pet owner is patience and perseverance toward their pet which is in-fact lacking in Nepalese society. If your dog wakes in the middle of the night and start whining and crying it is really overwhelming to deal with the situation. It is hard for the owner to decide what appropriate step to take. Shall we take the dog out every time they cry or just ignore them and let them cry. Scold them or punish them. The options are numerous. The first and foremost question is to know why the dog cry often? It should be examined carefully then only we can find the solution for the problem. The first thing we should remember is that dog do not have intuition to understand our schedule or do not work according our routine. If you get a new puppy then there is a great chance of being thrown off by new surrounding and new people around them. This can cause or incite anxiety and frustration ultimately making them fell uneasy or unwell according to their environment where they are placed. This adjustment period is single biggest reason your puppy cry at night. Just as when we becoming a parent we should know the reason why our babies cry . Are they hungry or is it uneasiness caused by diaper? Or is it due to wetness due to faeces or urine? Same rule is applied in the case of your puppy. You should be able to figure out the reason behind the crying and whining then only we can act accordingly If you got a puppy you aren’t entitled to have a good night sleep as you have to take him out couple of times to do the regular business of getting relief.once the dog is 3 to 4 month they are physically able to make through the entire night. In other word he can hold his urine for the whole night. There are different reason behind the whining some dog just insist to be taken out of crate other whines when they are hungry. Some dog whines due to boredom which is the most common type. The whining can be controlled by correcting the underlying cause behind them. It is pretty easy to deal.For immediate relief give the dog lot of physical and mental exercise through out the days.Do it especially before putting your dog to crate. Besides discourage excessive napping at the day as well. A good long walk is a good option for normal dog. For higher energy and older adult dog you should do higher exercise polished game like fetching a ball or Frisbee . Just like we humans get goodnight sleep after having enough exercise or studying too much in exam time same rule applies in case of dog also. Also we need to give sometime ,generally few weeks, to see the results.place some safe chew toy with them so that they can play with otherwise they get bored If there is no medical issue after being checked by vet and the dog is having healthy food at regular interval of time optimum and other basic things exercise and even if it cries then it’s better to ignore them. Generally puppy wines for 5 10- -15 minutes take note of time and also record at what time it stop whining. The duration of whining became less and less after some time. Sometimes the dog whines as they don’t like to be left alone and away from the owner. In this case consider puppy play  in yard or puppy play pen which makes them more comfortable and they gradually stop whining. The process of stopping whining by dog is not a easy process nor it will stop in 1 day you need a lot of practice and patience controlling it.


Written by Dr Pratik Man Pradhan B.V.Sc &A.H

Chief Veterinarian (Mount Everest Kennel Club)