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Introduction to home

Let’s suppose you have just acquired your new puppy. The first thought that comes to many people mind is “What now?” Puppies behavior may have changed than in the shop/MEKC office. It is mainly due to the travel. The bounced and jounced in the car. Each puppy is different. Even at their tender age they are individuals. They need time to adapt. Their reactions may be either: anxious to investigate or crushed by the strangeness. Whatever the puppy’s reaction to this new scene there are two important DON’T’s:

  1. Don’t reach out quickly and make sudden grabs at him/her.
  2. Don’t permit the children to shriek over him/her in their delight.

Sudden movements, unaccustomed loud noises frighten puppies. Your role is to gain confidence. Talk to the new pup. S/he won’t understand a word at this point but he will understand a friendly tone of voice and there is nothing more successful in creating confidence. It’s wonderfully rewarding job to raise a puppy and not at all hard to do. You can learn it – step by step as the puppy grows.