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Message to Parents

Because so many puppies are purchased as children’s pets we are going to take time out to talk to parents. Some of them hesitate to add a dog to the household for fear it will injure the child. You need have no cause for fear. Without exception puppies are friendly creatures. Born with complete confidence in people, they cannot be anything but friendly unless their trust is destroyed by ignorance or neglect. Of course, in playing with a small child, a pup may topple the child over that is not the dog’s fault and the bumbling puppy is sorry immediately, It is the fault of parents who, without thinking about it, gave the dog to too young a child.

Actually, thee dog risks the greater harm. Quietly, he takes an unbelievable amount of pummeling, and he’d give his very e for the child if he could. In addition to the physical protection he gives the child, the dog provides constant companionship. Rainy days present dog is around. Letting the youngster think the dog is his problems for the only child in the house when the his the dog provides ewer problems dog is around. dog is the and his alone develops his sense of responsibility. In caring inferior with justice for the dog he learns how to treat an inferior with justice and humanity. Such wholesome friendship can teach him the who suffers proper attitude toward any member of society who suffers any member of society physical or other misfortune. Failure to grasp this lesson causes Some of the greatest evils of society.

The child must learn that when he the world is not his, to do with as he likes; only when he treats others with kindness and understanding can he really grow as a human being. Without a shadow of a doubt the dog plays a big part in the social education of youth.

The dog will not teach the child kindness unassisted-you give will have to help. By his patience the dog may even give even the child an exaggerated idea of his own powers and privileges for the dog is unbelievably long-suffering. The slightest growing is a real exception. Ordinarily the dog merely gets up and walks away. Sometimes children, and even grown-ups, tease a puppy because he is so “cute” when he gets angry and tries to bite with his baby teeth. This is a serious mistake.

Besides the Cruelty of tormenting a pup, it is very likely to make him mean-tempered and snappish as he grows older. What about the dog’s service to grown-ups? It is as great as that given the child. Let us disregard for the moment the war dogs, herding dogs, farm and factory guard dogs and leaders of the blind. Thousands of these have paid, and are paying, many times over for any favors man has extended the dog. t us salute instead the millions of dogs in private homes where as pets and companions, by their response and love they make life happier and less lonely.