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The Puppy’s Bed

Before the pup is brought home, consider the place where the pup is to stay. Young puppies need warmth and an even temperature. There are two reasons you should give your puppy a special place. At this age (0-3 months) puppies have very little control and when given the run of the house they can’t avoid soiling everywhere and anywhere. Also, a puppy is not only safer when s/he have a special place in the home but feeling of security in having a place of his own help them fit into his or her new life and it’s routine. Arrange a box or bed of their own, not over-large but wide enough so s/he can stretch out and long enough to hold a thin pillow or blanket at one end and a few layers of spread newspapers at the other.

The puppy may have been partially paper-broken when weaned. Whether s/he was or not, s/he was soon gets the notion what the paper is for because it is natural for him or her to leave his pillow when he is ready to eliminate. Always have a newspaper within easy reach. His/her bedding first of all should be washable. You might use a small discarded cotton blanket, fold it down to pillow size to fit the puppy. Or you can use a piece of blanket. Have two or three in hand so that you can wash it, and air it in the sun periodically. The bed or box itself may be as plain or as luxurious as you wish – the puppy will not care. Make the bed deep enough so the pup cannot climb out in the night and get lost in the dark. A cage or crate with a door that can be closed is not necessary but used, can be very useful for house training. When a puppy is kept in other room than you, do not shut that room’s door tightly at night; leave it open so you can know what is going on.

You may prefer to keep the puppy’s side in your bed room for few nights so that they will learn to sleep by themselves. If room becomes cold, throw a blanket or shawl over across the opening and specially warm their necks. So, after the comforting hug you’ve given your new puppy, place him/her in the box/bed. They have had enough excitement for a while. Too many introductions, too much attention at first appearance will only be confusing. If s/he whimpers, give him a snack, some warm milk or accustomed food.