Breeding a litter of puppies can be a very blissful experience. The first thing you need to know is it can be very costly as well as time consuming but very rewarding. The utmost priority of a breeder should be the quality of the dog. The standard of a dog is known through how a dog is raised in their lifetime.

Selection of breed

Selection of breed also known as selective breed is the artificial process by which humans use dog breeding to develop particular characteristics in a dog by choosing which type of male and female breeds will sexually reproduce and have offspring.


  1. Choosing the right dogs to breed:

Gathering lots of information; medical history, breed type, health and any health issues or concerns, both female and male history

Medical history : A thorough scientific history be accumulate and evaluated before puppies are bred. One of the predominant difficulty ought to be screening for illnesses that may be genetic. A whole bodily examination like x-rays can assist test for any clinical problems that suggests breeding shouldn’t ensue. Female dogs should have her vagina observe while male dogs must have their testicular examination and the fitness of the sperm.

     2. Behavioral Evaluation

As much as we try to give our pets a happy life, a new home can be a stressful place to be. Stress changes a pet's behavior. Some pets will behave more aggressively when stressed, some more fearfully, and some will be quieter and shyer. Pets should be a given a proper amount of time to play with. They shouldn’t be left alone for longer period till they get habituated with your home. Pet behavior also tends to change when there is less exercise for them or improper diet.

Dogs that display any type of behavioral irregularities;

Excessive shyness

Aggressive behavior towards human being or dogs

Tendency to bite

Separation anxieties (learn more about it)

     3. Humane Responsibilities:

 Just breeding puppies for money is never right. There are millions of unwanted dogs all over the world. Many of them are put to death because of homelessness, starvation, diseases, abuse and such other things.

“The breeder who creates life is responsible is responsible for that life”

Questions regarding puppies life about it’s health, care and love should always be the priority before breeding.

   4. Sales

First time breeders have no reputation and no referrals to help them find buyers. Consider the time and expense of caring for pups that may not sell for some time. What would you do if your pups don’t get sold.

Send them to their death?

Dump them on the streets?

Sell them cheap?

 Experienced breeders with good reputations often don’t consider breeding unless they have cash deposits.

    5. Cost & Quality:

Health care and shots, diagnosis of problems and proof of quality, extra food, facilities, stud fees, advertising etc are all very costly.

Breeding should only be done with the goal of improvement – an honest attempt to create puppies better than their parents. Ignorance shouldn’t be an excuse – once you have created a life, you can’t take it back – even if blind, crippled or canine psychopath.


  1. Are you ready to breed a litter?  
  1. Prepare yourself for Breeding a Litter  
  1. Breed to improve  
  1. Understand the Commitment  
  1. Choose a Suitable Mate  
  1. Perform Pre-Breeding Health Checks  
  1. Mating  
  1. Pregnancy & Preparation  
  1. Puppies are born   
  1. Keep your puppies: warm, fed and clean  
  1. Choose the right buyer  
  1. Sending your pups to their new homes

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