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What are the basics of toilet training your puppies?

One of the most challenging aspect of puppy raising any where in the world whether in Nepal or aboard is toilet training your buddy.There are several methods and ways to toilet train your dog and you have to follow them meticulously. If one method fails you can try new one. Here are few tips the dog owner has bear in mind while toilet training his puppy 1 Manage and supervise the puppy to avoid mistake Try your best to limit the opportunities your dog has to toilet in undesirable location. Every time your dog goes to a certain place, It increases the chance that they will go their again next time. You can help to prevent accident in number of ways including A. Active supervision B. Crate training C. Limiting access to preferred surface and location D. Providing a indoor toilet when your dog is unsupervised. For example play pen , baby gate, close door room 2. Reward your dog for toileting in right place You have to set up a schedule appropriate for your dog ‘s age and toileting habit then take your dog to a place where you want him to toilet. Remember to add in extra toilet break immediately after eating, drinking, playing and after waking from nap. Once your dog has finished toileting, shower them with praise and give them reward promptly. One thing to keep in mind that be sure to wait until your dog has finished toileting. After he finishes toileting give your praise otherwise you may distract them before they are finished. 3 Avoid punishing your dog for toileting mistake While toilet training can be frustrating especially if isn’t going well or as expected by owner. Slowly the owner feels it as a nuisance task. Beside punishing a dog for toileting inside house or in other inappropriate place will make the matter worse. As we may all not know that dog learn by association. It means the dog think that toileting in front of human is more punishable act rather than toileting in house where there is no human.This association is strengthened when the dog inevitably toilet in the house where the owner does not watch so he will toilet and will not be punished. This belief will be set in dog’s mind. Puppies and dogs with this history of punishment for toileting become stealth toileters. This means that they will avoid going in front of human and wait until they get the moment alone to relieve themself . In other word, they will not poop in front of human or if someone is watching or someone is present in front of them. 4 clean up soiled area throughly be sure to use an enzymatic cleanser As your dog’s nose is more sensitive and vinegar and bleaching will not be enough 5 don’t stop toilet training too soon A lot of dog owner tend to stop focusing on toilet training because they think the process has been completed. It can take week month and even longer to fully toilet train your puppy. 6 if you still haven’t found what you are looking for consult a vet There a many medical problem which makes the toilet train difficult or something even impossible. If such is the case get the through check by your vet.this point is especially important if your previously toilet trained dog relapsed